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All I can say is WOW! You look 20 years younger...with just a face lift? No eye surgery or forehead lift? It's incredible...I want to go see this Dr. READ COMMENT

I think that your lips look very similar to the picture you brought the Dr. She may have a fuller lower lip and you could put in some filler. Also her nose is turned down which could make it look different but as far as shape and lips... READ COMMENT

Your surgery was a success!!! You are stunning....I think the other transgender member spoke about how you are struggling because perhaps you see yourself so differently in your 'minds eye'. It may be why they caution against having... READ COMMENT

I see...the lips are great. You look fabulous!!! READ COMMENT

I agree with you, you did not get enough for the money you spent. He should agree to redo your surgery. I have seen some lip lifts and the results were not only noticeable but really changed the persons appearance. READ COMMENT