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And what is it you all do for a living? For a mediocre actress she has become very successful.Must be nice to be so boring when you take those HUGE checks to the bank for making redundant movies.. READ COMMENT

Please alert the police. what a foolish person you are.... READ COMMENT

You can say the same for yourself. oh unless you do know Brad and Angie... Now that would make sense, since your all about trashing a women who has done nothing wrong but trust the wrong man.. BTW I have been married to the same person... READ COMMENT

You need help, you have a mean streak that makes me question your volunteerism. READ COMMENT

No I do not know her and neither do you. I have however watched her on Animal Planet and I do know she is a supporter of St. Judes. Maybe you should check it out... I don't understand small minded folks like you.. on and on about a... READ COMMENT