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Just wanted to share ~ make sure you understand that only about 33% stays~ your body will only hold that much so if you don't haves lot to inject you may have to do it again to get max results ~ iv been in the ps field for 8 years ~ and... READ COMMENT

Sunkissedcutie~I was just wondering how you are? I am SHOCKED they dont have you in the hospital on IV antibiotics! I sure hope you have a good lawyer! Though I know that the suffering you have gone through, no amount can make it go... READ COMMENT

There is bruises on her thigh area, but at the top of her thigh there is a hole ( the area where the tip of the laser was left to long) and burned her from the inside out. I have also been burned like this almost in the same area, it is... READ COMMENT

I am sorry to hear about your burn, I to was burned by my doctor, in 2 places, one was 3in by 4 in in diameter, its been almost 3 months, and I am finally coming to the end of it, still closing up, its been painful and a BAD... READ COMMENT

What are they saying they can do to fix your burn? I have 2 almost 3 degree burns from lipo, its been a month and its gone down but still hurts and I hate the fact of even going back to that doctor... What did they do for you? help!!! READ COMMENT