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Two days now for you -- it will really change how you feel about yourself. It's exciting to look in the mirror, even despite the scars and tape. I think starting with a non-ideal weight, the TT makes a bigger difference -- we end up... READ COMMENT

Hey LadyTeri, Day 11 now, and I can already see fabulous results. Rolls all gone, smooth tummy, bruising is nearly gone! Worth every penny!! Went back to hospital today -- tons of pressure in the belly, and more swelling. Thought... READ COMMENT

Hey LadyTeri, Wow, what a difference a day makes. I feel fabulous!! Went out for a walk by myself. NO pain meds since last night, and I'll head back to the doc tomorrow to have staples & drains removed. Life is rosy :) How are... READ COMMENT

Hey, I'm still alive!! Had to go back to the hospital to get the hurling and pain under control... but I'm home today and feeling much better. Otherwise it's all good, everything went very well. I'll try writing tomorrow... so... READ COMMENT

Hey LadyTeri! I'm not sure I have time for a story -- they moved up my time and I'm going in tomorrow at 9 am... yikes!! I haven't taken any before pictures... I'm not exactly anxious to remember myself this way. :) To be brief,... READ COMMENT