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Why is the Restylane Still in my Face After 5 years?

5 years ago I had many times restylane in nose lips pucker? After that I had Teosyal in the area left from my glabella and on the right side of the glabella. But now 5 years... READ MORE

Can Botox in the jawline permanently change your face?

Had botox in my jaw.It was like 3 little Injections from 1 second. So don't know how much that is. But know after 2,5 weeks, i cant laugh like the way before, my mouth corner... READ MORE

Can Botox jaw effect your heart?

The 30 units per side in the jaw have ruined my smile. Im reading story's on realself that people after a year still don't have the same face back as before. As for my botox... READ MORE

6 weeks post Botox jaw. From here on does it get any worse? Or does it get better?

So, were 6 weeks post botox jaw (30 units each). My smile is still not the same, my dimple is still gone, and I saw after 2 weeks botox I still had cheeckbone structure. Now it... READ MORE

What's the effect of using xtc on the effect of Botox?

Mayb a weird question, But botox blocks the neurotransmitters that are going to your muscle to move. And xtc is freeying neurotransmitters that are going to your muscle to move... READ MORE

Terbinafine 250 PCH, any effect on Botox?

I get terbinafine tablets from the dokter for my nail. But I was reading that some medicines can activate the working of botox. And because I want the botox out of my muscle's... READ MORE

Can having lip fillers cause stretching of the philtrum? (Photo)

If you have lipfillers for a long time, can it cause stretching of the philtrum? I look at the picture's of Kim K and I see her philtrum is way longer than years ago. I have... READ MORE

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Hi there! How are you know? And how is the progress going? Mine I don't realy know, it's now 7 months ago and I feel my jaw muscle is working again. But I still see a little bit of sagging from the jawline skin (nobody see's it but me)... READ COMMENT

Thanks for updating, you look amazing these days!! I know from yourself you see every tiny little thing that's changed and then you regret you ever did it, but really your face look so young and beautifull. Did you fill it up with... READ COMMENT

You probably don't read this anymore, and i'm hoping that's a good sign. I mean: if things are going bad most people are on this website reading and writing thing, and if things are good, most people are not on here anymore, so i guess... READ COMMENT

And what I am wondering is: how do you look now? Can you post a picture of you from how you look this days. I hope everything if fine whit you as I read your story I could really feel your pain. xx READ COMMENT

Can you tell me how many units of botox you had in the first treathment and the second and the third treatmend please? I also had botox in my masseter 30 units each. And my smile has changed it's now 6 weeks ago I am not noticing the... READ COMMENT