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Pretty Good-but Some Expression in Face Looked Weird

Was pretty happy w/results...liked getting rid of the lines between my eyebrows, and possibly gave a bit of lift/awake look in that area. BUT did make area under/surrounding my eyes look a little weird sometimes...maybe those muscles moved more since others were paralyzed, not sure. One good thing is that this is not permanent-if you don't like it, you just wait... READ MORE

Loved It, Beautiful, Natural Results

Loved it, the results were beautiful! Side effects minimal. Used it in nasolabial folds. Natural look, results lasted several months, and I really do feel that it does help to generate collegen as I still look younger even after discontinuing for over a year now (due to finances). Highly recommend. Use a local anesthetic if squeamish about pain/faint easily. READ MORE

Lots of discomfort after, lots of swelling and redness - Mixed Results - Glastonbury, CT

4 treatments.  Lots of discomfort after, lots of swelling and redness, e.g. couldn't really go anywhere for at least a day, preferably a couple of days (and that's w/constant ice packs, lots of makeup). After the flaking stage, I actually loved my skin, it looked beautiful.  However, about 9 months after my last treatment I went to Florida.  Even though I was lathered... READ MORE

Questions from Chr021490

Can Muscle Compensation Be a Long-term Effect of Botox?

I have this problem. It's as if some muscles got STRONGER to make up for the atrophy on the left side of my face, even though my last treatment was more than a year ago... READ MORE

Does High Impact Exercise, Like Jogging, Harm Collagen and Age You?

I have read that some cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and even sports professionals state that the motion created during high impact exercise harms collagen and causes... READ MORE

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Glad you had good results! I had really good results too (at first) but recommend, from experience, that you get the best physical block sunscreen available and avoid the sun like crazy, so you don't get melasma...I too have light skin... READ COMMENT

In retrospect, I think maybe I was 1. sweating sunscreen off quicker than I could apply it and 2. using a chemical v. physical block-would recommend you talk to your doc about best physical block. Thanks for the info on... READ COMMENT