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I am having second thoughts on the lower eye surgery. Do I need it? (Photos)

I do not have fat deposits just loose skin and hollowness. I am 57. Photos included. Scheduled to have upper and lower eye surgery this Friday (1/3/14) as well as CO2 Fraxel Laser. READ MORE

TOTAL FX C02 and upper and lower eye lid surgery. Can/should it all be done at once?

If so, what should your recovery time look like before returning to work? When can you wear contacts again? READ MORE

What is the best face cream to use after Total FX has peeled. Please provide brand names.

I had a bad allergic reaction to aquaphor. My doctor put me on a steroid cream to clear up the horrible rash which has cleared up and now left me with red, dry skin. My skin is... READ MORE

Why do I keep getting small puss filled (pin head size) pimples that leave pink marks on my face after my Total FX treatment?

I paid $3,000 for my skin to look beautiful. I am happy with the way this tightened my skin. My skin is very pink and blotchy. I have left make up off my face for 4 weeks and... READ MORE

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I am now a year out from my upper and lower. I do not regret having the surgery. I am 58 and no one would ever guess my age. It takes a long time to heal. I was a very slow healer. Took me until about 6 months before I really... READ COMMENT

My friend had her revision done in the PS office. She was awake but area was fully numb. Again, she complained right away and got it taken care of right away. She would not take no for an answer. I wish I had done that--now I am six... READ COMMENT

Get your PS to acknowledge the lump and ask him what HE IS GOING TO DO ABOUT IT. It won't go away. I have had mine from the beginning and it is now been 6 months. I hate thinking of opening this up again and having to go through a... READ COMMENT

I would like to know who out there has had upper and lower eyelid surgery and was not all that thrilled with the results. I had this done in January 2014. I am for the most part please but I still have a bump in the corner of my right... READ COMMENT

SFgirl: Thanks for that encouragement. I'm hoping these scars will fade even more. Love hearing that your scars faded at around 9 months. I have started to use the scar-away strips (cut to just fit over the scar lines on the corner... READ COMMENT