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Wow. I totally see a difference. You look great. It's subtle, but very natural. Exactly what most of us want in a non-invasive treatment. You really didn't need much improvement. You are very pretty. READ COMMENT

Collagen rebuilding doens't happen overnight. It can take several months to produce healthy new collagen. Hopefully you will begin to see an improvement with more time. If they did not tell you that before your treatment, shame on them.... READ COMMENT

Thats a great question about different pain experiences. I had the treatment and did not take anything for it. I am a big baby when it comes to pain, or even drinking anything that tastes bad (no matter how good it is for you). That... READ COMMENT

Incredible. They should compare before and after pictures, and if you had no results offer to do another treatment, in my opinion. They may not have used the right settings, and sometimes they turn it down to accomodate the patients... READ COMMENT

Wow, a nerve block? I had the procedure done with great results, and did not take an asprirn. Painful? Yes. But a nerve block seems drastic. Hope it helped. READ COMMENT