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Laser Hair Removal Damaging to Thyroid?

I read a question that three doctors answered regarding IPL not being harmful to the thyroid, but I've had about 20 laser hair removal sessions to my entire chest/breast... READ MORE

Bottom Lip Lowering? Is There Such a Procedure?

Is there a procedure that will lower a bottom lip? I see all kinds of "lifts," but I want more tooth show, including my LOWER teeth (think Farrah Fawcett in attached photo). My... READ MORE

Possible to Botox for a wider eyed appearance on a close-set-eyed woman?

When I pull my brows apart gently (with one finger above each) HORIZONTALLY, I love the effects. Basically, I'm elongating my brows. I don't LIFT my brows, as I think their... READ MORE

Double Duck Lip Lift: I want to know which gifted doctors perform this creative procedure in the U.S.

 The resulting scars are the best-looking for a lip lift that I've seen. So far, I only see doctors performing this special technique in Brazil. So, are you American... READ MORE

Lip Lift: Narrow Nose, Moderately Wide Mouth

The headline pretty much says it all. What is the best technique to avoid too much of an elevated center when the nasal base is narrower than the mouth? READ MORE

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I'm so confused! Where on your chin did they reduce? It looks the same to me. I think you had a gorgeous chin already, though. What am I missing? READ COMMENT

Sorry you're in so much pain, honey. Looking forward to your results. READ COMMENT

It looks great! Your nose (and you) was beautiful before and it's beautiful after! Can you breathe easier? READ COMMENT

Ohhhh! I get it. Can't wait to see your results after the swelling goes down. READ COMMENT

So, did you have the length or the protrusion reduced? READ COMMENT