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Office Review - ok - Houston, TX

He charges twice as much as other people . wanted thousands of dollars up front. told them other doctors charged cheaper for same laser. they said well we have to pay for our office space. wow!!! how rude. then maybe go to smaller place if cant afford. I felt used and never going back. money is tight and got taken advantage of READ MORE

Ala-pdt Adverse Reactions

Worst thing i have been through, healing is taking so long, make sure you are safe when using this treatment iwth right incubation time and exposure times.had an ala-pdt treatemnt doen and got a sever reaction with scabs and blisters. soem of the scabs and blisters came off early. i am left with these red areas on my cheeks for 5 montyhs now. they were always red but level. is this scar tissue... READ MORE

Questions from mikemills

Will Redness After Photodynamic Therapy Resolve on Its Own?

I got a severe phototoxicty reaction when I had ALA Photodynamic therapy. 3 hours incubation, activated by omnilux re 633 for 10 minutes. I had excessive crusting and peeling,... READ MORE

Smoothbeam Vs Fraxel Restore for Collagen Production?

Which between Smoothbeam Laser and Fraxel Laser stimulates collagen better? Does Fraxel Restore remove scar tissue while Smoothbeam only remodels? READ MORE

How to Tell if Redness Are Scars from ALA-PDT Treatment?

I had an ALA(Aminolevulinic Acid)-PDT (Photodynamic therapy) treatment done and got a severe reaction with scabs and blisters. Some of the scabs and blisters came off early. I... READ MORE

How to Maintain Dermis After Fraxel Restore?

After a series of Fraxel Restore, should you get a single maintenance treatment every 4-6 months to keep dermis stimulated even though only it only treats a percent of dermis,... READ MORE

How Long Before You See Improvements After Fraxel Restore?

For Fraxel Restore in treating superficial fine lines, enlarged pores and shallow scars,  from your experience, is most of the dermal improvement from new collagen... READ MORE

How Long Before Collagen Level Recedes After Fraxel Restore?

After Fraxel Restore series, how long do dermal results last? In treating fine lines and superficial scars and and keeping the skin plump.After a series, with good skin care, ... READ MORE

Will Getting a Second Series of Fraxel Restore Improve Results?

Hi. If you get a 4 treatments at 26 percent coverage, then wait 6 months for full dermal results, and then get a few more Fraxel restore treatment, could results improve even... READ MORE

Better Results from Higher Fraxel Treatment Levels?

I know higher level provides deeper penetration and treatment levels correspond to percentage of epidermis and dermis treated. Thus, would level 10 of Fraxel Restore give... READ MORE

Are Fraxel Restore Unusual Side Effects Caused by Too High Energy Levels?

I have read that some patients here with the fraxel restore can peel in large white chunks, which i guess would be called scaling? is that mostly due to too high energy or too... READ MORE

Would Oracea Help with Aging and Sun Exposure?

Would oracea in theory have any effect on dermal aging from sun and normal aging process etc. by its effect on keeping healthier ratio on mmps, timps etc READ MORE

Did The Gentlewaves Treatment Company Go out of Business?

Lightbioscinece website doesnt exist, did they go out of busineess and what happeneded withere there handheld device for home use? its fda approved but not on market READ MORE

Is 1.25 and 2.00 Astigmatism Mild or Moderate? Intralase Good for Me?

I am 35....i only have very very minor +0.25 farisightness in both eyes, which doesnt need treatment... however i have one eye 1.25 and 2.00 astigmatism....i currently dont... READ MORE

Oracea and Dermis?

I know oracea is sub antibiotic dose to treat rosacea and acne.. i was wondering with its effects on mmp's and timps in dermis. could it also help prevent aging by inhibiting... READ MORE

ALA_PDT, Blue Versus Red LED?

I am italian descent, skin type 3..... for mild acne and rejuvenation with short contact 1 hour ala-dt...i know the differcence bettween skin pentration of blue and red and u... READ MORE

One Ear Protrude from Folding when Sleeping?

Hi. when i sleep on my side, my ear always folds back against the pillow and my head and now my right ear in the upper portion sticks out.... my left ear doesnt do since mostly... READ MORE

Does 1 Hour Ala -pdt with Omnulix 415 Led Effect Collagen?

I know blue 415nm penetrates shallow versus red 633nm... but i read blue LED versus red with ALA has less side effects such has post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, blisters... READ MORE

ALA-PDT 1 Hour with Blue Light?

I am skin type 3, 36 yr old male. is short incubation ALA 1 hour activated with omnlux blue cause less hyperpigmentation than with omnilux revive 633 for skin type 3? second,... READ MORE

ALA-pdt. activation red or blue light?

For short contact 1 hour ALA for photo rejuvenation and mild acne . which causes more erythema, peeling, crusting etc? since red goes deeper. activating 10 joules of blue led... READ MORE

Aczone plus topical vitamin c causing orange skin. Why is this?

I use aczone and I use skinceuticals c 10 serum . The serum is champagne yellow which is normal . Have a couple of hours with both on . The applications site of my skin turn... READ MORE

Skinceuticals c 10 serum skin staining issue.

How many minutes should you wait before applying a hydrating serum over the c 10 so doesnt effect ph level and absorption? now my issue, I use c 10, even on clean dry skin and... READ MORE

Any suggestions for oily skin moisturizers, proven ones it be safe?

Why hydrators and serums for oily skin help battle low humidity dehydrating weather. but don't have ingredients on the avoid list. I have a copy of it. thank you READ MORE

Mandelic acid effectiveness against p. acnes?

All you see online is how aha mandelic acid functions like other aha's but also has strong antibacterial effects against p. acnes inside the pore. yet I see no studies and no... READ MORE

Will 415nm blue led and free radical formation age my skin?

Will 415nm blue led which causes free radical oxygen to damage p. acnes cell wall, age the skin like other free radicals? READ MORE

Palomar icon 1540nm. When to use XF vs XD?

When treating full face. how do you decide wheather to use xf or xd on full face? READ MORE

Is it important to wash face before applying L ascorbic acid?

I got some specific questions.. what happens if don't wash face before applying , would skinceutials c10 be able to be absorbed through sebum? second scenario, what if wash... READ MORE

How far(feet) away from a window is the safe area from uva rays?

Its always close to the window when described but never defined. second does closing the blinds reduce uva rays? READ MORE

water alone on face remove any sebum for combo sensitive skin?

Does splashing with warm water a few times remove any sebum, dead skin cells, bacteria? if I washed face once in morning but at nite just use water alone? READ MORE

specific sunscreen products for adult acne prone oily sensitive skin?

Any specific spf gels for just being in car and walking etc to get mail so incidental exposure . lower spf would be better since less chance of negative reaction. avobenenze... READ MORE

Skinceuticals Metacell renewal B3; how does niancimide increase surface cell turnover?

How does niancimide increase surface cell turnover? how much is it compared to 5% AHA. thanks READ MORE

Elta MD Clear SPF 46; why does it cause dryness and peeling?

It dehydrates my skin the elta md 46 clear, I am acne prone so its not from lack of oil. is it the zinc oxide that dried out skin or B3 exfoliating etc? READ MORE

Side effects fraxel restore 155onm at 40mj versus palomar icon 1540nm laser at 40mj?

I experience alot more peeling few days later and slight more swollen after fraxel restore 1550nm at 40mj 20% coverage versus palomar icon 1540nm laser at 40mj. any reason why? READ MORE

Ala PDT pustular flare and collagen

One hour ala levulan incubation activated with 8 minutes omnilux blue for skin type 4. I was told blue better for skin type . What causes the tiny pustules on day 2-3 and that... READ MORE

Blue light accelerates skin aging?

Blue light as you know is used for acne . A lot of studies recently are showing that blue light free radical formation decrease antioxidants in skin and accelerates aging . Are... READ MORE

BLUE LED 415nm and free radicals. Any suggestions?

There is evidence out there now that blue light production of free radicals can cause photodamage. thus would use omnilux 415nm for acne actually end up aging the skin? the... READ MORE

New research, visible light and infrared rays cause photoaging?

I read to lesser extent than UV rays since there energy is less. visible light infrared rays the IRA component which is 30 percent, causes photo aging. Does that mean depending... READ MORE

Mixing AHA with ascorbic acid and aczone.

An article says don’t mix AHA with VIT C because it will increase redness and peeling. is this true? Another article says AHA and Vit. C together will cause the VIT C... READ MORE

Salicylic acid home care versus AHA: cell renewal. Any suggestions?

I know SA is oil soluble and most AHA are water soluble, except mandelic acid which is water and oil soluble. some use AHA not just for acne but sensitive skin to exfoliate.... READ MORE

ICON XD laser settings for collagen stimulation.

For the 1540 laser using the XD tip. for skin type 3, what is typical fluence settings for collagen stimulation and how many passes full face treatment? READ MORE

IPL - diffuse redness and transient hyperpigmentation. (photo)

Hi. I am skin type 3, Italian descent. my skin has pink hue to it. which I believe is called diffuse redness. you cant see any visible blood vessels. i've seen pictures online... READ MORE

What is an accurate timeframe to see if results will be permanent after having IPL treatment?

Hi. I got one treatment done with max g ipl for diffuse redness skin type 3. 34 joules , 15ms. my heard area I have patchy hair loss. I read some say it can be 3-4 months or... READ MORE

Hyaluronic acid serum no effect on hydration.

Using skinceuticals b5 gel or other HA serums for oily skin when used alone. have given me no hydration at all. they claim they make skin super moist and hydrated even when... READ MORE

Specific moisturizers for adult acne prone male skin?

Hi I am 40 yrs old with oily acne prone skin . With winter and heaters skin gets very dehydrated and sensitive and irritated . My summer replenix pure hydration serum is not... READ MORE

Omnilux and blu-u generating free radicals?

Does those LED devices using blue light which is uv free, and without ALA. They create free radicals to kill p.acnes. why wouldn't that age the skin? since visible light has... READ MORE

Topical hyaluronic acid alone. Does it dry skin out?

Hi I have combo skin and don't like anything with a lot of emulsifiers and emollients. just something light that wont break me out. so I've tried skinceuticals b5 gel alone.... READ MORE

Max G IPL for diffuse redness, one pass vs two.

When using an ipl. I read some use one pass and some use two passes for diffuse redness. what is the benefit and risk of one another pass? READ MORE

Every sunscreen breaks me out. Any suggestions?

Every sunscreen i use even elta 46 breaks me out 48-72 hrs later. ive given up on spf. i got all my car windows tinted, i avoid sun 10-4 and i take helicore every day and use... READ MORE

Low dose doxycycline and laser treatments

Hi. I know low dose doxycycline is used for anti inflammatory effects for acne and rosacea. it has effects on mmps and timps. which some say may have some anti aging properties... READ MORE

Photodynamic therapy and free radicals, why don't they damage collagen?

Why wouldn't the free radicals produced by ala -pdt damage collagen . If free radicals from sun do . READ MORE

Why can't you layer AHA and l ascorbic acid together?

Some articles say aha can destabilize l ascorbic acid if aha serum is layered over it. so if I applied skincetuicals c serum and waitd 5-10 minutes and then applied 5% lactic... READ MORE

Laser Genesis vs IPL for diffuse redness and collagen, does it help at all?

For skin type 3 for diffuse redness, no visible vessels. does 1064 help with this at all? compared to ipl like max g? also how are each for collagen stimulation? READ MORE

1064nm laser. Does a man's beard area have to be avoided?

Using 1064 laser genesis and others like it for full face rejuvenation and diffuse redness. if I shave do they still need to avoid my beard area like an ipl because risk of... READ MORE

1064 laser. short pulse microsecond vs long pulse millisecond?

For 1064 laser. short pulse microsecond vs long pulse millisecond. what is difference and indication used for tese 2 different types of 1064 lasers, for diffuse redness,... READ MORE

Which works better at stimulating collagen icon 1540 Xd or laser Genesis ?

I know fractional laser like icon 1540 Xd stimulate more collagen than non ablative like laser Genesis . But in this scenario which would stimulate more collagen . 3 laser... READ MORE

Follow-up question: Does Laser Genesis really stimulate collagen and more?

Hi does a series of laser genesis really stimulate collagen that shows visible texture changes that you have seen in person? not just where h/e stains have been taking showing... READ MORE

Laser genesis does not coagulate blood vessels, so how does it reduce redness?

Laser genesis does not coagulate blood vessels, so how does it reduce redness like ipl or pdl does, if it does not get rid of the small dilated vessels that accompany diffuse... READ MORE

AHA cleanser vs AHA serum?

I have a question about, lets say using 5% aha lactic cleanser 3.5 vs 5% lactic serum. would the cleanser basically do nothing since only on face 30 seconds? how long does it... READ MORE

Rosacea and drinking liquor and beer?

I know not suppose drink but if want to socially . Liquor and or beer . I heard some say you should take a Claritin, baby aspirin or ibuprofen one hour drinking . Which one... READ MORE

Why can't you exercise or take a hot shower same day after laser genesis?

 does it ruin the diffuse redness results or there another reason? second for HZ settings, does higher setting 10 give better results than 7 or 5? I know that is speed,... READ MORE

Laser Genesis higher vs lower energy for collagen and diffuse redness?

For skin type 3 for collagen stimulation and reducing diffuse redness. genesis goes from 8-18 on energy scale. does higher end 14-18 give better results vs lower 8-12 for... READ MORE

How does Laser Genesis reduce diffuse redness?

If Genesis doesn't coagulate small vessels and doesn't have skin contact how does it reduce redness ? READ MORE

Photodynamic therapy and skin peeling, is this a normal side effect?

Hi . Why does ala -pdt cause the skin to peel . Is there a known mechanism of action or is it just a side effect ? READ MORE

IPL vs Laser Genesis in diffuse redness?

Does Ipl and laser Genesis have different modes of action in reducing diffuse redness from non visible small vessels . ? Such as just shrinking vessel, coagulating vessels so... READ MORE

Recent comments from mikemills

For skin type 3 when treating superficial scars and enlarged pores. when at good fluence range. what is typical treatment level range from (7-10) is best for results and to avoid PIE and PIH? READ COMMENT

Is 600 for full face or the whole cheeks only READ COMMENT