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Lucie - show your boss or owner the ilcsi site and go to BDIH site. All of the info is here in this blog page. there are some VERY savvy readers on here. this is the first I have come across such clear/honest thinkers. Anything that has... READ COMMENT

Spice - if every consumer in North America was like you, we wouldnt have this problem to begin with of lower standards. The public in NA is really in the dark - these blogs are fantastic for guiding people in the right direction. Thank... READ COMMENT

Michelle the whole point I made about the 'trademark' ingredients is that you dont have to divulge all of your ingredients. That is why you see all the drugstore brands that advertise with their 'protophyalackia' complex or whatever... READ COMMENT

I didnt have to read a thing on someone else's anonymous website. I contacted every company personally and worked with both Eminence and ilike products and their distributors. I also contacted Ilcsi in Hungary myself. You can too: www... READ COMMENT

They are the kings of marketing. in the US you can hide up to 100 ingredients under any trademark (TM) name - ask them what is in their biocomplex - no. Ask them to list their entire ingredients and they cannot. Also that is why they... READ COMMENT