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5'0 feet & 152 pounds. surgery today Dr.Cochran

Sooo ladies. I have had a BBL with Dr. Salama back in 2012. which outcome was great. I still have a big booty and everything the only problem I have now is, after the surgery the liposuction was great. but it left a lot of loose skin which is so ugly I hate to show my tummy now. so i think a tummy tuck will put me right where I need to be. I'm currently in ATL GA now. I would like to go back... READ MORE

I Need Your Help Ladies. 28 Yr Old Female. Not Sure What to Do - Miami, FL

Hey ladies. I'm 28 yrs old and seriously thinking about getting botox. I have read some reviews about the crows on your forehead. And yes I have about 3 lines which you can see when I frown. I also have 2 lines in between my eye also. The bad part about all this is most of the time I'm frowning and don't even realize it. And at times I frown so much it makes the spot between my eyes hurt. And... READ MORE

2 months post opt. Dr.Salama***

I have always wanted a bigger butt. More like a heart or apple shap and fuller. My butt is not flate but is wide for some reason. I'm 28 yrs old, 5"0 feet and 160 pounds. I know I'm over weight for my hight but I have gain weight to do the surgery. Now I just need to keep it until nov 6th. Me gaining weight isnt that bad, because i have ran track most of my life. So my weight is very soild... READ MORE

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Would getting a tummy tuck after getting burn from aggressive lipo be a bed ideal. got lipo over 2 years ago. (photo)

I got lipo about 2-3 years ago and was burn from it. I now would like to get a tummy tuck to remove the extra skin and scare mark. I was wondering would this be a bad ideal? if... READ MORE

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Anyone having Tummy Tuck in June?

I'm having my TT in June 2015. looking for someone to share my experience with that's sx date is near mine.. READ MORE

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What kind if garment did you purchase. im in need of buying a new one my self but don't know which one I should buy. I have a big booty of a lot if them digs in my hips or back side. READ COMMENT

U look great. Have you already started scar treatment?? And don't worry about the tightness. I get that also. But each day gets better READ COMMENT

U look good hun. I swell a lot also so don't feel bad. That part is normal. Have you already started scare treatment READ COMMENT

Great @ boldmove1995 thank you so much. I don't have my 2nd doctor apt until July 2nd. and my scar feels and looks good so far. its already closed up in everything. my first apy he remove my drain and he wanted me to come back in 2... READ COMMENT

For all my VETS!!!!!! when did you start scar treatment? im 11 days PO and I want to start scar treatment and want to start wearing my waist cincher but don't want to start to early.... any advice? READ COMMENT