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Eyes Started Looking a Little Tired + Started Getting Some Dark Circles - Wellesley, MA

Eyes started looking a little tired + started getting some dark circles, so I started doing research and found this Dr. After careful consideration, I decided that it was the best bang for my buck (even though I was told my another injector that I would get more bang for my buck to inject my... READ MORE

Silikon 1000 -- Under Eyes, Lips and Indent Below Corners of Mouth - West Orange, NJ

I've had fat injected in lips. It looked great, but didn't stay. I don't like the lip implants and I don't want to keep doing it. I thought about fat injected in the eye under eye area, but it seems so expensive. I don't have time to wait and save. I need something done now. If anyone... READ MORE

Not Impressed with Yily - Dominican Republic, DO Poor performance, attitude and deformaties

May 4, 1013: (I noticed the first post doesn't save the date) I wrote a new review because I cannot edit/choose a doctor now (I was looking at Yily and Duran). We (Blitzgirl & me) went with Yily because she got in quicker. My beginning stats are: Weight: Idk, approximately... READ MORE

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Heparin (8 Shots Per Day for 8 Days After BBL Surgery). What Are Your Thoughts?

I asked my doctor to fill a small list of prescriptions for upcoming BBL surgery and they were dead set against Heparin-would not prescribe it or recommend it. (I know it is a... READ MORE

Can Liposuction to the elbow area be successfully done?

I know it is challenging to lipo the elbow area, but I have fat there that I want gone -- even if I have to go multiple times and use a small cannula. Can it be done? READ MORE

Is it possible to lower the front/inner part of the eyebrow?

I am not asking for what is best for me and my circumstances (yet). I just want to know if it is possible. I want my outer brows raised from the midpoint out, but would like my... READ MORE

Is this New Tummy Tuck procedure possible?

I know this is crazy, but many new initiatives are until they are achieved. I would like to have TT specialists consider the possibility of a new procedure. It consists of... READ MORE

If your patient came to you complaining of hard, misshapen breast and tightness, would you check for capsular contracture?

4 surgeries: 1st was fine, but changed to saline due to concerns about silicone. 2nd was not good-the saline implants (with overfill--over muscle) ruined cleavage (too far... READ MORE

Capsulotomy: do you cut just around the edge or do you also cross hatch or make other incisions into the capsule?

I am wondering about how you choose to cut the during a casulotomy. Do you only cut around the edges or do you also cut the capsule pieces? I am concerned that if the cut is... READ MORE

I am scheduled to have capsulotomy for CC (BG: III) cutting around the edges only. Are more cuts needed to open capsule?

I know capsulectomy is best, as well as changing implants and using cellular matrix. However, that is not what I'm asking here (best treatment). I'm asking about the... READ MORE

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Thank you for sharing your story. I hope you find someone to fix the issues you were left with. If you have success fixing it please let me know as I have similar issues. I believe that this happens when they let other people work on... READ COMMENT

How much did you pay for this procedure? Thank you. READ COMMENT

Can you tell us how much was injected and how much did it cost? READ COMMENT

I understand not posting pics (and I agree), but can you please share what you had done and any details you might want to know if you were researching the doc/procedure? thank you. READ COMMENT

Thank you for the review. Can you describe more specifically what was done? what areas lipo'd and where was more fat put in? etc? Thankyou. READ COMMENT