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You are wrong that fat cells never change in number after adolescence. That's what doctors were taught years ago, but that theory has been dis-proven. This very-recent article ("Bone Marrow Makes New Fat Cells") says this: Fat cells do... READ COMMENT

Hi Julia, I agree with Patricia that it's not a good time to make such a big decision when you're in crisis mode. I know that you want to make it right as soon as possible, but I fear (and highly suspect) that more lipo will only... READ COMMENT

Based on my reading, I surmise that removing fat through any method has these unwanted results. I've read reports of women experiencing weight gain in other parts after breast reduction and tummy tucks. Sexysoulsister, it's true that... READ COMMENT

There's more bad news today regarding liposuction. This study showed that liposuction resulted in increased visceral fat which has been linked to diabetes and cardiac disease. I think that this gives credence to our experience of... READ COMMENT

Thank you Natalie and Patricia for your thoughtful responses. I knew I'd get some slack for my comments, and I'm glad there is understanding. I have admitedly become more negative over this ordeal and that comes after experiencing... READ COMMENT