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40H Breast Reduction Soon - Springfield, MO

I have always had really large breast. Most of my family does. I am doing this for me. I am doing this because I want my neck and back to feel less pain and stress, because I want to feel less self conscious about my breasts. I am doing this to be able to be more active without pain or discomfort . I am doing this to hopefully fit into clothing better. Also It would be really nice to be able... READ MORE

Questions from zing

40 H Breasts. Will 700 and 800 Grams Be Enough Removed to Be a Side D or DD Post Op (photo)

I am 32 years old. presently 225lbs and loosing weight before surgery. I am having breast reduction to remove 700 grams from one side and 800 grams removed from the other.The... READ MORE

Is It a Good Idea to Bring a Bra the Size I Hope to Be After Surgery with Me to Pre-op? (photo)

I am sceduled for surgery May 25 2012. I have been looking at smaller bras and I have notice that the cup sizes "D" and "DD" tend to varie depending on the... READ MORE

I Had a BR and Now my Nipples Are Soft and Puffy. Also I Have a Tiny Dark Spot on One. Can You Give Me Some Advice? (photo)

My Breast Reduction was performed on May 25. Everything went as planned. I had 3.8 pounds of breast tissue removed. I am extreamly happy so far. My Nipples are puffy and... READ MORE

Does Wearing a Bra Prevent Sagging? (photo)

I am 4 weeks post-op and I love my new breasts. I was on line reading about breast health and ran across an artical that stated "wearing a bra can actually increass sagging" Is... READ MORE

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What type of anastesia did you get with your breast reduction ? How did you feel after ? Were you worried ?

I am wondering what types of anaesthesia are used for breast reduction. I am really worried about being knocked out for 5 hours under "General anaesthesia."  I... READ MORE

What insurance company approved your breast reduction surgery.

My insurance company is Med-Pay  My bust side is 42I/44H. I went to my family Dr for documentation of my aches and pains and bust size , I asked for a... READ MORE

Loosing weight before surgery ??????

Hey ladies. My surgery is in 26 days. My PS told me if I want to loose weight I should give it my best before surgery. He said loosing weight before is better than after and... READ MORE

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My PS planned on taking me from a H to a "d or dd" and after surgery I was a "b-c" there is no size guarantee . they just do the best they can and try to give you a smaller more porportionat bust. I told my p.s. to do what he... READ COMMENT

O and my size I'd 42 d READ COMMENT

Well just after surgery and for about 5 months I was a full "b" cup until my skin relaxed. Then at about one year I was a full "c". Now 3 years almost out and one pregnancy later I am a " d". My breasts grew a complete size with... READ COMMENT

Sorry I haven't been on here in a long time. My husband was very concerned about the health risk part of it all and all the unknowns things he could come up with. It of course was no shock to him when I had mentioned it since I met him... READ COMMENT

Lol darn spell correct. , READ COMMENT