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awful result years later due to putting on weight. Massachusetts, MA

Since this site won't allow me to put the real date, I had to put in a fake one so I could actually post this review. Unless you are absolutely sure that you will not allow yourself to put on weight, DO NOT HAVE STOMACH LIPO. I had it done in 2006 when I was 51 years old and I was absolutely thrilled. Flash forward 9 years and I have put on weight. And YES it does go to other places, like... READ MORE

Seeing Results

I had my first TITAN laser treatment a month ago along with another IPL. At first it seems like nothing had happened, but gradually I can see a difference in the nose to mouth lines. I have had Perlane injections and I felt like this did not last, so the place I go to suggested I try the TITAN instead of doing any more injectibles. The procedure takes awhile, but there is no pain or side... READ MORE


I had the IPL with Levulan. It is a gel stick that is applied to your face, you sit for an hour, than the laser is done. The Levulan increases the effectiveness of the IPL (and, supposedly makes the side affects worse). I have had 2, one per year. I am 51 years old and still break out. This treatment totally helped my breakouts as well as getting rid of brown spots, redness, and best of... READ MORE

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Hi Cakeshop, if you put the weight back on in less than 2 years, there is no way that you should have lipo again, I don't care who does it and how good he/she is supposed to be. The face of the matter is, lipo is just an "easy fix" and... READ COMMENT

O.K. wait, why on EARTH would somebody 37 years old with no wrinkles actually do an invasive procedure when you don't need it? And why would you let a doctor talk you into something you don't need? I know you posted a couple... READ COMMENT

Hi, first of all, I am so sorry for what you have gone through. That being said, you indicated you had "other surgeries and had permanent numbness from them and think that this will be the same". Why on EARTH would you have more... READ COMMENT

Oh my God, you look freakin FABULOUS. I am going to do the total FX which combines the deep Fx with another ablative laser next year when I am turning 54. I hope I get similar results. I don't care how much like crap I look and for... READ COMMENT

Hi, e-mail me at {edited - you can reach a private message form for sunsunswim here} READ COMMENT