IPL and laser damage in Ca.

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Worth Every Penny!!! - Laguna Beach, Ca

I'm 46 yo and have always felt that I had to wear mascara to make my eyes stand out. I'm very active outdoors and I love the beach. My active lifestyle and make-up did not go together and as I matured, I realized the more make-up that I wore, the older that I looked. I decided to try latisse... my three sisters were interested as well so, I played the guinea pig. Within 3 months my... READ MORE

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Pro-fractional Right For Me? I Have Hyper Pigmentation from Laser. (photo)

Hi. First of all, I want to thank all doctors on this site for helping... you have no idea how much it means to myself and others. I've had 2 IPLs and 1 laser treatment.... READ MORE

Breast Became Hard Overnight and Implant Has Shifted After 11 Years? (photo)

I awoke this morning to my breast being sensitive. I leaned up against something and noticed that it was hard as a rock. When I felt my breast, I could feel and also see the... READ MORE

Cost for Replacing Encapsulated Breast After 11 Years of Implants? (photo)

Hi... I awoke the other morning to an encapsulated breast.... maybe I'm oblivious but I truly had no warning signs. I went to see the doctor who originally did the surgery and... READ MORE

Breast Revision Using ADM (Acellular Dermal Matrix)? (photo)

I've had my implants for 11 yrs with no complications. Last week I awoke to one breast being encapsulated. Thus far, I've visited two doctors. One Dr. suggested replacing my... READ MORE

ADM Vs Strattice. Need a Second Opinion? (photo)

I have an encapsulation after 11 ys of having implants. I've been to see a few doctors and 2 out of 3 docs have said that I need to replace my saline implants with silicone, I... READ MORE

Removing Both Capsules or Just the Encapsulated One? (photo)

I have posted other questions before... thank you for all of your great answers! My left breast is encapsulated. My implants are now beneath the muscle. I will need my implants... READ MORE

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A few questions... good PS in Orange county, Ca. Cost?... and question on high profile implants.

Hi... I've had my breast implants for 11 years now... I awoke the other morning to a encapsulated implant/breast. My breast was suddenly hard as a rock and the implant has... READ MORE

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Hi Ioana... Yes, Michele is a definitely a beauty and she has an incredibly sweet soul as well!! I know the feeling... I felt the same way when I ran across this page... it lures you in and you just can't stop reading! I have heard very... READ COMMENT

Hello my dear Michele and beautiful ladies... I just read your post... you are so right on!... when it comes to laser treatments or peels... ladies PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!! I now have white spots on both sides of my face and I have to live... READ COMMENT

Hi Angie... thank you so much for your response! Yes... I'm a bit bummed about the sudden encapsulation but after reading some of the horror stories... the multiple surgeries that so many woman have had to repair encapsulation etc, I... READ COMMENT

Hi natorade... I read your post and just want to advise you to please be very careful with whatever treatment you choose to use on your face. Careful with the lasers!!!... they can make your melasma worse! Over the years, I've spent a... READ COMMENT

Leeloo3... she certainly does look 35... it's absolutely amazing! She's beautiful on the inside and on the out! I agree, she is a light... a light that has guided me through a difficult time... a true caring soul. Btw... I have a... READ COMMENT