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So much for socialized medicine! In the USA only the plastic surgeons are the way to go. READ COMMENT

When you are thin like me the face gets thinner as you age, so by 45 you can look haggard. It can make you look hollow and tired. Sculptra is worth it since it helps build your own collagen and its long lasting. READ COMMENT

My experience has been great! It lasts longer and I just got my mid cheek filled and notice they are fuller due to the nature of Sculptra which is somewhat permanent because it builds your own collagen. I am satisfied! READ COMMENT

I am suffering neck pain and muscle spasms from it! 9 months already. I went and got Belereo filler in forehead wrinkles and its just as smooth and full! Try that next time. READ COMMENT

Loved the result but had very very bad side effects! numbness in my neck, droopy eye and stiff facial muscles. DONT DO IT! Im still suffering neck pains 9 months later! READ COMMENT