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Exactly the Same As Botox

I had injections for the lines between the brows. It took about a week to reach its full smoothing effect, which is the same as my Botox experience. I can't say it's better or worse than Botox, although I've heard it tends to spread more, which generally would be a disadvantage. I also read on its disclaimer label that it contains some animal additive which could possibly cause mad... READ MORE

Restylane for Upper Cheeks and Tear Troughs

I'm very happy with the results, but I think to get effective tear trough filling, you need to fill in any lost volume in the upper cheeks, right under the tear troughs as well. This will allow the tear trough correction to blend smoothly into the cheek area. Otherwise, it can end up looking like your eye bags are even bigger and lower! Another consideration is to take it slowly. I've have... READ MORE

Botox for Platysmal Bands (Neck Cords; Saggy Chin)

I'd heard mixed opinions on whether botox in the neck cords could tighten the chin contours. I'm glad to say that it worked for me. The effect is subtle, but I do have a sharper jaw line. I may try a touch up, to see if I can get even more definition. So I got a touch up for the platysmal bands, and also had a little put in my chin to counteract the orange-peel effect.  My neck... READ MORE

Red-eyed Beauty - Iowa

After 2 and a half months my lashes are phenomenally long and lush. That part I love. But while the irritation and bloodshot eyes side effects have lessened considerably, my eyes are still irritated from the nightly use. I am trying to use a lot less; I've switched to application with a little paint brush instead of the included brushes, but I'm hoping I can continue for the... READ MORE

Questions from Peace117

What Can I Do About Latisse Causing Eye Irritation?

Latisse gives me redness and itching on the eyes. To limit irritation, can I put it on for a limited amount of time (for example 20 minutes) then wash it off, and still get... READ MORE

Recent comments from Peace117

I updated my botox review recently to report on the massive headache I got from my most recent treatment, which, thank god, after a week of on and off, is finally fading away. But I want to add to the comments here, because though the... READ COMMENT

I've had botox regularly for the last 10 years. It usually caused a minor transitory headache. But this time, it set off the headache from Hades. I think I was vulnerable because I had been doing a lot of raking in the yard, and... READ COMMENT

I agree, the stuff just doesn't really work. I had two treatments, didn't notice much if any change. Also, the way it works (inducing inflammation, which supposedly stimulates collagen), seems risky, which is also evidenced by the... READ COMMENT

I've given up Latisse after two years of use. I liked the lashes, and got used to my red eyelids (and used to covering up the redness with makeup). But then my doctor pointed out how badly inflamed my eyelids were. I realized then... READ COMMENT

Sure, my provider is {edited} of Iowa City, IA. She careful and skilled and really takes her time with injections and asks for my feedback as she's doing it (I'm provided with a hand mirror). Edited by Sharon: We've added your... READ COMMENT