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Treatment for Hyperpigmented Cutting Scars On Wrist? (photo)

I have about 3 cuttings scars, hypopigmented. Theyre embarassing and Im tired of hiding them. I was wondering what treatments will effectively fix them? (Moneys not an issue.)... READ MORE

Treatment for Second Degree Burn Scar on Breast? (photo)

I have a 2nd degree burn on my breast ( I know what a great place ,right??) And right after i treated it with medurma for 6 months and it did lessen it but its still there.... READ MORE

What Kind of Scar is This? (photo)

What kind of scar? hopin its not going to be hypopigmented because I have others that are darker and not a wavy texture?? Any treatments? READ MORE

I Have Red Spots All over my Nipples/areola, What Can I Do? What Are They? (photo)

I have no idea how they got there or why no one else has them but is there any way they could be removed??? Maybe with laser?? I seriously want them gone and nothing on the... READ MORE