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Your teeth should not be drilled down to nubs with veneers. Only the surface roughened up so the veneer will adhere to the tooth surface. It sounds like you had caps. READ COMMENT

Your teeth should not be shaved down to nubs. Only roughing of the surface so the veneer can be applied to the entire front of your tooth. I had original veneers in 1988. Just had six upper veneers and two crowns last week to replace... READ COMMENT

Hi again. Forgot to say I had a Fraxil included in my cosmetic surgery pkg. I also just bought a pkg of 6 Clear and Brilliant Lasers. They are great. READ COMMENT

By the way I'm 56. Turning 57 in November. Would love to keep in touch. Good luck. READ COMMENT

First I want to clarify I did not have a Lifestyle Lift. I had a classic lower facelift and neck lift. Also lower bleph, facial fat injections, breast lift with implants. I went to a triple board certified plastic surgeon. I took... READ COMMENT