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Some re-assurance for you gals who are just getting the electric shocks. It Does end. For me it started around day 4 and by day 14 was manageable From day 14 to 21' it fades completely and now at 21 days I have no numbness at all. It... READ COMMENT

I think clinics who treat clients having the lower abs done, should send them away with a prescription for neurontin and advise to fill it if needed. I experienced the very same thing with the pain really staring around day 4 and... READ COMMENT

I am 2 weeks now. Pain has pretty much gone in the last couple days. It hurts if I rub it .the numbness is maybe 75% gone now. And so has my crankiness with being in pain all the time! READ COMMENT

I am day 12 now. Past couple days noticing more feeling and swelling is going down and the stabbing pain is not all the time. I think the pain actually peaked after 1 week, so hang in there Susie. READ COMMENT

Hi Susie... Agree with you completely - would prefer more "honesty" about level of pain that may occur. Like you I am counting the days . Day 7 today - weird to be counting days so much. Keep in touch re your progress. READ COMMENT