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How about asking your eye doctor? If you are worried about the person that injected it? I know several doctors in my area that I would trust. Again, I am just trying to help you so this can resolve quicker than it will without help. READ COMMENT

I am not sure, I haven't seen the photos. However, migration can happen. As well as removal can be done. I am only letting you know that usually this can be fixed. The product will not stay forever, but if you do not like where it is,... READ COMMENT

Hello 8969, I am so sorry to hear about your eye. Have you asked your provider if they can inject Hylaronidase into the unwanted Restyane? It removes the unwanted Restylane. Most Doctors/nurses that inject these products know about... READ COMMENT

No, I am not misinformed. I have been using Restylane and HA's along with Botox for 15 years. I have fixed many a patient who was over filled with HA's. Yes, if you use to much hyaluranonidase it can remove to much of your natural HA.... READ COMMENT

CalvinK, I can tell you that I am ten years older than you. Yes, there can be complications to "anything' That you do. People have horrible issues with aspirin. That doesn't meant that you will. Getting older is hard. You don't... READ COMMENT