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My surgery is scheduled for April 30th and my surgeon wants to do a lollipop lift on the saggier side where he is going to replace my nipple so that they'll look even. I trust him, but I'm a bit nervous. I went to 3 surgeons, one who... READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing! Your posts have really helped me alot,as I'm still struggling on a size! I'm also a mother of one and breastfeeding has left my breasts a lot like yours. I think my assymetry is a bit more extreme. Did you have any... READ COMMENT

I hear ya, I definitely don't want to go too small and be disappointed. Did you ever try the rice test before your implants? I'm just excited to see how yours turn out when they start to drop since we're around the same size.. I think... READ COMMENT

April 30th! I'm so nervous lol I'm literally the same stats as you, 5'5 110-115 lbs usually stick around 112. I used to be an A cup, but after I had a child I became a small B.. I'm scared to go too big, how do you think 350cc HP will look? READ COMMENT

Thanks for your post, your pictures look great! I noticed in your pre op pictures your left breast is a bit higher than the right, as is mine. My doctor is going to do a small lollipop lift on the lower breast so that my nipples and... READ COMMENT