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So Far Bad - Essence Day Spa Miami Laser Hair Removal - Miami, FL

I am currently on my Fourth out of Eight laser treatments for my beard, neck and mustache area. I only had significant hair loss on my first visit. I am trying to keep a positive outlook but judging by the current results I am not happy. I did try to speak with them after the first treatment since I noticed they missed spots but they just brushed me off telling me the hair grows in cycles... READ MORE

Questions from Lilithann

What is the Most Effective Treatment for Laugh Lines Around the Mouth? (photo)

I'm 23 and starting to develop small wrinkles around my mouth from laughing too much and want to get rid of them + prevent them from getting worse READ MORE

Will Fast Metabolism Affect Brazilian Butt Lift?

I have a very fast metabolism and want to do a BBL but I am worried it won't work on me if my body kills all the new injected fat. Please advice me thank you READ MORE

Lipo-cavitation Treatments?

Does this procedure work well for removing fat off the waist? I am not over weight be would like a smaller waist. What would be my best option for achieving this? READ MORE

How Many Units of Botox Would I Need to Prevent Eye Wrinkles? (Photos)

Hello I'm in my early twenties and would like to prevent wrinkles around my eyes. I currently do not have any deep permanent wrinkles so this would be just to prevent the... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Get Rid of a Scar from Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty done a year ago via columella incision but my doctor did a terrible job at stitching and I was left with a large scar that's very visible. Is there anything I... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for around the eye wrinkles/fine lines? (photos)

Hello, I am in my late 20's and I've started to notice fine lines around my eyes for a while. I use moisturizer every night but I haven't seen any improvement. I would like to... READ MORE

What is the best treatment to get rid of nasolabial folds? (photos)

Been thinking of getting Juvederm for my nasolabial folds. Would one syringe be enough or should I get more? Or even a different filler entirely? Thank you READ MORE

Back fat? Flab? How do I get rid of this? (Photo)

Hello, I've always been skinny under 105 but my back looks like if I have fat or something. What is this and how can I get rid of it? Lipo, skin tightening treatments? Not sure... READ MORE

C02 cellulite fat reduction injections info?

Can someone please explain the procedure to me. How many injections? and how long would each injection of C02 last to treat stomach area? How long should the c02 be injected... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for early wrinkles?

Any specific creams? Or treatments like laser and such? READ MORE

How often can/should I get PRP Injections for the face for good results?

How long should I wait in between sessions? And how many sessions would I need to see results? I'm in my 30s but do not have any sun damage or anything serious just would like... READ MORE

What is wrong with my back and how can I fix it? (Photo)

Would liposuction help at all? I've been skinny all my life but I guess I'm "skinny fat" to be more accurate. If I diet and exercise could that get rid of my back issue? This... READ MORE

Teeth not really that straight after Invisalign? (Photo)

My teeth were not that crooked to begin with but here I am 2 years later still trying to get my teeth straight and my dentist claims they are already straight but I can clearly... READ MORE

Root canal on my canine over 10 years ago and my dentist wants to put a crown on it.

I don't feel like I need it. The tooth is in good condition and I would hate to damage it more just to put a crown on it. I feel like it would look obvious fake compared... READ MORE

I had a root canal on my right canine over 10 years ago and my dentist wants to put a crown on it (Photo)

I don't feel like I need it. The tooth is in good condition and I would hate to damage it more just to put a crown on it. I feel like it would look obvious fake compared to my... READ MORE

Developed "line" under chin will chin lipo help? (photos)

I've developed a line under my chin :( even when I slightly look down I can see the line. Will chin lipo fix it? Or what treatment can I use READ MORE

Recent comments from Lilithann

I have to say your breast were PERFECT before the surgery I wouldn't have changed anything at all about them. They were round, full, perky, and your nipples were the perfect shape/size. Seeing your outcome makes me think twice about... READ COMMENT