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Is There Vaser Lipo in Australia, Melbourne ?

I'm looking into liquid lipo but now found out about Vaser lipo. Are they similar and is it in Australia ? READ MORE

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Has Anyone Had Liquid Lipo Recently,

I've read some commments on liquid lipo that seem a while ago. Proceedures get better I am hoping so I am hoping if anyone has had it and how it feels now. READ MORE

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When you went the first time for the consultation they were suppose to measure you for the 2 piece garment that you wear 24/7 for at least 3 months. Took about 2 months for the swelling to go down and the pain to get less. 6 months is... READ COMMENT

Good one falling of a horse!!! I should have thought of that one. I found that the abdomen area Hurt the most. But everyone is different. I said I hurt my ribs when I fell so no one would come near that area, you will find yourself... READ COMMENT

I had the liquid lipo, the first and second day are the hardest. I did manage on my own after that. I had very little bruising so didn't have to hide much. As for feeling like I got hit by a truck the first week . I told everyone I had... READ COMMENT

You should be fine. I work 12 hrs a day, although physical it's not a constant rhythm you get when exercising. So by the time i finish im exhausted and just want to relax. Not sure what the procedure is with vaser lipo but ill be sure... READ COMMENT

Miffy31 Hi, Dr Ajaka is really nice, but the expense wasn't really worth it for me. By now I was suppose to see result hasn't made much difference and it does come back. I've been eating healthy for 3 months now and I see the results.... READ COMMENT