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Nurse Didn't Rub the Area After the Applicator Came Off During CoolSculpting, Is This Bad?

I had my Coolsculpting done yesterday on my lower flanks and lower abdomen. When she took the applicator off each time, she didn't massage the area down. I thought this was... READ MORE

Can I Lay out in the Sun a Couple Days After Coolsculpting?

I was just wondering if I would be able to lay out in the sun a few days after coolsculpting. I had the procedure done on my lower abdomen and lower flanks. I don't want to... READ MORE

3 Days Post-Op and I Have Zero Numbness on Lovehandles. Does That Mean It Didnt Take?

If my love handle areas are not numb at all after three days (they weren't really that numb even the same day of the procedure), does that mean it didn't work? READ MORE

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Worried44 The love handles were nothing! A total breeze and zero pain. NOTHING like the lower abs. I'm glad for you that you had great results. Mine are so miniscule! haha :) I bet if I did a second round of treatments, the results... READ COMMENT

I had the procedure done March 15th on lower abs and love handles. I am just now noticing the TINIEST amount of results, but definitely NOT worth the amount of money I spent, or the INSANELY painful electric shocks I endured for ten... READ COMMENT

Oh I measured! lol Absolutely no difference unfortunately :( I started Yoga and Pilates as a way to relax myself and try and forget about the $2500 I threw away lol READ COMMENT

It's been almost two full months after the procedure and I have yet to lose ANYTHING. Still exercising normally and I'm getting really aggravated because it's becoming more and more clear that I threw $2500 down the drain. Disgusted. READ COMMENT

Just passed the three week mark. No more pain or swelling, but haven't noticed any changes at all whatsoever. I guess everyone is different and I just need to be more patient :/. After this experience though, I really hope I lose at... READ COMMENT