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I am curious as to where you had your lipo done. Mine was in the Portland, Oregon area. Mine was done in the doctors office/suite. I was given pain med(xanax, and another one) before procedure then when they insert the canula into... READ COMMENT

What is the skin tightening procedure and how much does it cost? I would like to tighten the upper arms that I had done. The fat is pretty much gone but lots skin still hanging. If you could inlighten me, I would greatly appreciate it. READ COMMENT

Your first encouragement should be that you have been walking. For me, after one week, I wouldn't have considered walking. I returned to a vigorous job after 2 weeks. Be patient. One week is really nothing. I am 4 months out and... READ COMMENT

Sorry haven't been on here in awhile. My arms are probably my most disappointing of the other places I had done I had hopes that they would look great, they look better, but being in my 40's, there is 'skin' still hanging, not as much... READ COMMENT

I hate to be the bearer or bad news but one week out is only the beginning. Don't plain on 'seeing' your waist for approximately a month. I am 3 months out and only slightly swollen but still somewhat lumpy. Partly my fault as I have... READ COMMENT