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Revision for CC 1.5 weeks post-op (Mar. 27,2014)- Capsulectomy, Strattice, and New Implant - Houston, TX

Hello Ladies! I was diagnosed with CC (capsular contracture) on my left side at 4 months post op and I am now 1 year and 2 months post op. I plan on getting revision by the end of the year which includes a capsulectomy (removing the capsule), implanting strattice, and replacing implant with a new one. I am dying to find others who had had this type of procedure done with the strattice as I... READ MORE

Part 2: Capsular Contracture at 4 Months Post Op- Houston, TX

You can read Part 1 of my journey here. Hello Ladies! It's been almost 3 weeks since I started my ultrasound appointments. The therapy is done for 10 minutes at 2.0 (Kwh?), although yesterday she did it at 2.5. My hubby and I are thinking that it has softened the CC boob up some. We are gauging by feel and also when I lay flat on the floor it no longer feels like such a big ball... READ MORE

5 Months Post-op, with Capsular Contracture. Trying to Figure out What to Do - Houston, TX

Hello Ladies! Well sad to say that I am only 5 months post op of getting my BA done. I have developed Capsular Contracture in my left side and am considering getting an explanation instead of fighting to keep these babies in. I have read too many stories where ladies were getting capsulectomies, one right after another, and considering the costs. Who can afford that?? My husband will... READ MORE

Part 1: Capsular Contracture at 4 months post op- Houston, TX

Hello everyone! First off here are my stats. 5'5", 177 lbs., 38 yrs. old., No children- and no plans for any. Pre-op 36 small C, Hoping for a full C, small D. (and really, no more than that!) The plan is 371 cc in the left, and 392 on the right Cohesive Gel Silicone, Inframammary Incision, sub-pectoral, dual plane technique HOW IT STARTED: I decided this January that I am not getting any... READ MORE

Questions from scrappy37

What Could Happen if You Don't Take It Easy After Your Breast Augmentation Like You're Supposed To? (photo)

Hello! I am wondering what could happen if you don't take it easy after your Breast Augmentation like your supposed to? i.e. vacuuming, lifting more than 5-10lbs, someone said... READ MORE

CC with Explant and Leave in Capsule?

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to view/answer my question. I have CC in my left side. I am thinking that it will always want to come back so am considering an explant. My PS... READ MORE

How Much Would You Charge for Capsulectomy with Strattice, and New Implants? (Houston, TX) (photo)

Hello, I am wondering what the average price is for capsulectomy with strattice, and new implants? How much for two breasts? And finally, have you ever had, or heard of a... READ MORE

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I had Cc and had strattice inserted. I noticed that one is a little lower than the other. I think it's because the other has a capsule around the implant but the one with strattice does not. More importantly, it's been a while since my... READ COMMENT

It's May 17, 2015- I am still doing good and a recurrence has not happened. If you have had revisions for CC, please, please consider Strattice or Alloderm! But make sure your doc has previous experience doing it. They should be placing... READ COMMENT

Pipsqueak- I wish you luck on your revision surgery and that your CC doesn't come back either. But if it does, then IMHO strattice or alloderm is your only chance. For some people the replacement your doc is planning is enough. We'll... READ COMMENT

Omg, that's awful! I hope the next time is a final fix! Is there another doctor you can go see? This,one doesn't seem like he's doing you right.... READ COMMENT

Sorry, typos. READ COMMENT