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Can I Regain my Original Eye Shape After a Browlift That Went Too Far?

My surgeon did an endoscopic browlift that caused my eyes too be more open than they ever were even in junior high. It is not the surprised look and I do not look like myself.... READ MORE

11 Weeks After Endoscopic Browlift, Why Do Close Friends Who Don't Know I've Had the Procedure Ask if I'm Sad?

Apparently, I ended up going from looking normal before my brow lift to now having a sad look! Had neck lift and cheek lift at the same time. Now, there's a more vacant... READ MORE

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Diana, yes, my neck lift is only one year out. It's very nice! Looks so good and turtlenecks now look good on me again. Do it! Only a tiny little scar under my chin. READ COMMENT

Hello Ladies, First, I apologize for so many posts to PaddingtonPrincess. As you can see, they weren't going through and so I'd keep trying. You can see how persistent I was, although they got shorter and shorter. I have no idea why... READ COMMENT

Paddington, So sorry to hear about your husband's cancer. I will pray for him. You have been a lifter of my spirits with your wit and kindness. I wish you all the best as you both fight this together. Take heart, my sister was... READ COMMENT

Paddington, I have been away from the board also. Been doing so much better and have been busy. So sorry to hear about your hubby! How awful for you and he was a jewel when you were in your early days of recovery. I wish you both the... READ COMMENT

Springup, My thoughts have been going out to you. I know that you live on Staten Island and hope you and your family are doing well. Are you okay? You have been the guardian angel of this board. A dear PS friend for all and a source... READ COMMENT