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I've been stalking this site for years too. Still I've not dared take the plunge, you look really good (you did before the surgery too). It's that stretched skin, feels so unfair we need to swap it for a big scar... READ COMMENT

Hi sweetheart, I feel so close to your story. What has happened to you is exactly what keeps me away from deciding to go under the knife. I really hope one day soon you will feel great about your body again, about all of it, I know you... READ COMMENT

When you say it will change your shape, do you mean the scar? I know i don't like my extra skin and wrinkly belly button but (sorry to say this) i look fantastic otherwise and dressed and not bending over not bad at all so changing my... READ COMMENT

Very impressed and very happy for you. And i have to say your belly button looks awesome (it's one of my biggest worries because they tend to look "done"). And your scar is looking great to. Lots of love. READ COMMENT

I really hope you did go back to school or are at least planning to go shortly. You deserve it sweetie. Play the pity card, tell them about your abdominal separation and how you needed to fix it to avoid a hernia and allow you to pursue... READ COMMENT