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Hey how are you? READ COMMENT

Hey how are you? 9 have not heard from you in a while. hope you are okay. well, i was cleard by the lung doctor roday. i just need 3 more clearances and then i amall set for next week friday 5/18/2012. am i nervouse. nervous aint the... READ COMMENT

Yeah, i guess just waiting on all the test results to come back and we shall see, yes i say def check out sams club, they have some good rates READ COMMENT

Sorry about all my typos i can spell. lmao READ COMMENT

Awww, thanks for the concer. yes those shakes are mad expensive and for you to have to then put it in a blender adn mix it with what works for you is horrible. i rathr drink muscle milk seriously. it's already pre-made and all i have to... READ COMMENT