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Redness 6.5 Months Post Breast Revision

My experience was traumatic to say the least. I am seeking opinions from other PS. This has been a terrible experience and I just hope that all the drama will be over soon. Hello Doctors, I am concerned about the redness that showed up at the lower pole (Not around the scar) all of a sudden 6.5 months post my breast revision. What can be the cause of it? I contacted my PS but he does not... READ MORE

Questions from imadvice

How Soon Can I Have Breast Augmentation Revision?

Could you please let me know what are some of the risks of operating on tissues that are not completely healed and settled? I had my Breast Augmentation about 12 weeks ago, and... READ MORE

I am planning to have a re-operation due to a couple of problems. How to Avoid Breast Implant Extrusion?

Hello doctors, I am planning to have a re-operation due to a couple of problems. I have very thin skin, and currently I can feel a 'knuckle' (the edge of my breast implant) at... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation During Menstrual Period

Hi doctors, Could you let me know from a surgeon's perspective, are there any cons from operating on a patient (breast reconstruction / augmentation) right around when the... READ MORE

Underwire Bra After Bottomed out Implant Revision?

I have heard of using underwire bra after a bottomed out implant revision to help support the crease while scar tissues are forming. However, I have also heard that the... READ MORE

Suction Drains for Breast Augmentation Revision

Hi doctors. What are your thoughts of using drains for breast augmentation revisions? My PS is about to perform a capsulorrhaphy on me along with making the pocket larger... READ MORE

Taking Supplements to Prevent Capsular Contraction

I am about to have a bottomed out revision with PDS sutures. However, I am also concerned about developing a capsular contracture. I plan to take supplements such as Scar... READ MORE

Exercises or Massages After Bottom out Revision?

Hi Doctors, I was wondering what kind of exercises or massages do you tell your patients to do to keep their pockets opened? How soon after surgery do you have them start... READ MORE

Keeping Pockets Open After Breast Implants Revision?

I recently had a bottomed out breast implant revision where my surgeon also cut a larger pocket superiorly. I have been trying to push the implant upwards in an attempt to keep... READ MORE

Showering After Breast Augmentation?

My crease incision from breast augmentation will be closed with external nylon sutures. I have heard different stories as to the timing of suture removal, as well as showering... READ MORE

When Should Breast Augmentation Sutures Be Removed?

My crease incision from breast augmentation will be closed with external nylon sutures. I have heard different stories as to the timing of suture removal. Is 3 weeks too long... READ MORE

How Long Before Incision from Breast Augmentation Heals?

I recently had a revision done through crease incision for one side of my breast. Because I have very very thin skin, I am concerned about the breast implant breaking layers of... READ MORE

Unilateral or Bilateral Explantation?

Hello Doctors - What are the pros and cons of unilateral vs bilatral explantation of breast implants when one side of the breast is fine? If I have the implant removed from... READ MORE

How Long to Wait for Another Bottomed out Revision?

Hello Doctors - I had a bottomed out Breast implants revision recently but the correction failed. The skin stretched again. How long do you reccommend waiting before another... READ MORE

Veiny Lower Pole After Revision Surgery for Bottomed out Breast Implants?

I recently noticed that more and more purple capillaries are showing up at the bottom pole of my breast. I am three months post-op from bottomed-out Breast implants repair... READ MORE

Complete Removal or Capsulorraphy for Malpositioned Implant?

What's the difference between complete removal of breast implants and reinserting it months later, vs. doing pocket revision or capsulorraphy to correct bottoming out or... READ MORE

AlloDerm Vs Strattice in Terms of Rejection Rate?

Hello Doctors. What is your opinion on the use of Alloderm or Strattice? What are the pros and cons of each product? And its rejection rates when compared to each other? READ MORE

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Hi Dr. Shureih, Thank you very much for taking the time to analyze my situation. You are so correct on the questions... I will ask my surgeon regarding the bacterial cultured. While I did have dental work done, I had it done... READ COMMENT

Hi Dr. Shureih, Thank you for your response... unfortunately my condition had manifested into skin necrosis and was draining pus... although my WBC months post-op was a 4.0 . I had to have the implant removed...I am left with... READ COMMENT