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I am a strength and conditioning coach and try to persuade people as much as possible from having this scam of a procedure done. There is no evidence that waving a red laser (laser pointer wavelength) over the human body will shrink or... READ COMMENT

1. Yes you are foolish to believe such wild claims. 2. There is a saying "a a fool and their money is soon parted. 3. You as an individual have a responsibility to investigate any product or service before you spend your money. 4.... READ COMMENT

Stan, I know it can be used for clinical applications. I believe it is approved for the removal of brown spots, I also believe that it must be in contact or at the very least within a minute distance of skin to work. The claims that... READ COMMENT

Yourobviously a shill for the company and of course sell the service to your unsuspecting clients. I just hope that there is an attorney general somewhere that pursue this as a fraudulent activity. READ COMMENT

It is sad to see that people will actually believe this nonsense. People are so desperate to lose weight yet do not want to do what is necessary, change eating habits and increase activity. The protocol requires you to take a... READ COMMENT