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Eyelid Surgery

10 Jun 2017, Created 17 days ago

Martin J. Carney, MD, FACS

5 out of 5 stars

I'm VERY honest with my reviews which is why 75% are negative on yelp lol. I have been going to Dr Carney for a couple of years getting botox and occasional filler, he is the only person I trust in the area. Over a year ago I had a lower face lift, a bleth upper eyelid and my ears pinned back. I am still happy with the lift it hasn't changed, although now my upper area looks awful! I told... READ MORE

thread lift waste of money - Honolulu, HI

I went to this "Dr" a few years back, I'm still so angry I want to keep warning people especially as he still does threadlifts, which now has been proven as useless and not good for you. PLUS he is NOT certified by the board for plastic surgery like he claims. He wouldn't do anything to correct or pay me anything back after messing me up. READ MORE

dysport waste of money - Fairfax, VA

I travelled 4 hours to his office and waited 40 minutes to have dysport rather than botox as he recommended it. After 2 wks I called back stating there was no change (a tiny bit on side of face but none on forehead) the nurse said dysport doesn't get rid of wrinkles or fade them it just prevents future ones?? seriously? I have had botox before it and it does fade and help the wrinkles and it... READ MORE

DYSPORT - Who Can You Trust? - Manassas, VA

I tried botox last year and the surgeon was fantastic, sadly he was overseas. I came here and had a "Dr Mitch" in VA beach who ended up being a eye Dr and never said he wasn't a cosmetic surgeon (my fault for not triple checking) it didn't work and I lost $$. I tried dysport last week and was told it would show in a few days, I called today to say nothing happened and was told by "Pat" the... READ MORE

awful and disgraceful - Virginia Beach, VA

No numbing cream was given a condescending response when asked. Botox was injected in forehead but not so much in crows feet Mr Hugo commented that much was not needed there, even though I specifically asked for crows feet to be removed. Painful in a couple of locations. I had no noticeable results in 10 days - 14 days returned for a defensive, abusive top up as it never worked that they... READ MORE

Questions from blah in dc

Droopy face with jowls. Can I have ThermiTight? (Photo)

I'm 43 have small jowls, and a sunken face that just seems to droop; I had juverderm and radiesse and it seemed to fill it a little and it looks better however, the portion... READ MORE

Why is it so difficult to explain the difference btwn a Mini lift & a Mid lift? Which tightens muscle/tissue & gets rid of skin?

I have been to 2 doctors (both certified), one stated I only need non surgical (not true, I have tried fillers and they don't do anything or last)then agreed to a mini. I have... READ MORE

Does this upper eyelid post op picture look normal? (Photo)

I feel like the Dr that did this (who is certified) didn't take the time, nor care with my eyes, I dont remember him measuring the amount to come off or even drawing precisely,... READ MORE

Is my doctor wrong about not wearing a headband after ear pinning? (Photo)

Everywhere I read that your supposed to wear a head band or compression band at some point after having your ears pinned back, my doctor says no don't worry about it you don't... READ MORE

Otoplasty and no bandages?

I feel sick I didn't ask more questions like exactly how far back and why am I not wearing bandages?? Every site I've been to there are tons of logical reasons why you wear... READ MORE

Otoplasty requires headband? Why are ears different sizes post op???

The only think wrong with my ears was that they stuck out to much, they were a good size and perfectly identical. Now 4 mths post oo they hurt when removing shirt, left ear is... READ MORE

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It wasn't 950,000 it was 9,500 READ COMMENT

I had threading and it was a waste of money and me being ill. All REPUTABLE surgeons will acknowledge this. The ONLY way to lift is to have a real face lift whether mini or full. Your face should not have threads sticking out that... READ COMMENT

Thanks, everything is about that much, just trying to figure out lower, mini or mid? Doctors I spoke to in consults all say something different:( Not sure what is the best option for me. You look great though READ COMMENT

Would you mind telling me what you had done? Im trying to get a lift to asap I look awful but I was wondering what cost that much thanks!! READ COMMENT

What bothers me realself, is that doctors like him with a proven record according to other reviews are certified by FACS and all the other boards making people think he is professional? Isn't there somewhere that investigates and... READ COMMENT