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67 Years Old, Frown Lines and Horizontal Forehead Lines - Mammoth Lakes, CA

I have been getting Botox for 10 years. I had it done between brows and across forehead, 50 units, twice a year. I love the results, it lasts a long time and I have a nice smooth forehead, no frown lines. It is important to go to a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. I pay $9 per unit. No bruising or discomfort after procedure. I am very happy with results after 3 days. This shows my... READ MORE

13 Weeks of Invisalign - Mammoth Lakes, CA

I am in my 60s and always dislike my crooked teeth, but I went to a cosmetic dentist and he suggested Invisalign. My insurance paid $2000 of it. The process takes a lot of disapline. It is you life for months. I do use pain killer drugs every new set the first 2 days of each set, otherwise I cannot sleep. The trays kind of flair out and scraped the mucous membrane in my mouth. Finally I... READ MORE

CO2 Laser Not Worth It - Los Angeles, CA

I had laser to my neck and chest, a fairly large area. I had experienced sun damage. The doctor said I would love the results. I received no premedication other than local topical gel, which was not effective. The procedure was very painful, I was crying it hurt so much. I spent the next month with ice packs on my chest because of the pain. The outcome was mild. My skin returned to normal, but... READ MORE

Lower Face and Neck Lift with Lipo - Reno, NV

Pros: I look great and 10 years younger Cons: none Motivation: to look as good as possible for as long as possible. Outcome: I look just like the same person, but no hanging cheeks, no nasolabial fold, nice clean jaw line, and the neck of my youth. Changed my life? Yes, every day when I look in the mirror. I was well prepared. I did spend 3 nights in a hotel with a full kitchen, and... READ MORE

Great Surgeon! Happy Patient - Reno, NV

Had neck and mid face lift 6 days ago. Dr M did a great job, the shape is perfect, and I am healing quickly. I am 65 and this takes 10 years off, plus my face looks very pretty. I already had PS 15 years ago, so was well prepared, but the outcomes are above my expectations. I am now 9 weeks post surgery. I am thrilled with my results. The lower face and neck lift did wonders for my... READ MORE

Questions from mic123

Which would you recommend; Crowns vs bonding for small differences in front teeth? I just finished Invisalign.

My teeth have completed invisalin. one crown does not match in color and another natural tooth is 1 mm shorter than other front tooth. Cosmetic dentist wants to replace all 8... READ MORE

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Considering this is to prevent further skin cancer, you had the e pected reaction and look great. I recoomended a week vacation, having done this twice. READ COMMENT

The bottom lip is too large, looks fake and not attractive. The natural look is better. READ COMMENT

I had 2 face lifts, at age 50 and then 64. While they say you can go out at 2 weeks, you won't be comfortable. Sleep and watch movies for 2 weeks but swelling May last months. I bought a long wig to cover my puffy cheeks. It takes many... READ COMMENT

I agree that you can't make a decision about your lips until 6 weeks after the procedure. I hated my mouth the first time I had them done, but after a month, I loved them. I just had them redone today READ COMMENT

Go to a dentist nearby READ COMMENT