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Yeah u r right dolphine..!! Now i must wait for my time..:>:>:>:>:> But tell me 1 thing ...for what purpose did you use retinoA.?? And did it really works on ur pretty face.?? i found that it really increase the redness of the face.... READ COMMENT

Thankx 4r your kind information... But it really works on my face or not i wonder..^_^ How long it would take 2 reduce red and dark spot of mine face,.?? I really wanna reduce this damn spot and wanna purpose 1 girl of my classmate..... READ COMMENT

Oh really... Then thankx dolphine^_^.. How 2 use retino cream... Either 2 use it on whole face or only infected part..?? See actually i had got more spot then its the main problems.!?? Plz refer me some solution ?? READ COMMENT

Hey i always respect dolphine .. Coz she is only the 1 who adviced 2 use retino gel... And one thing miss.megan I am nt pestering her .... I just fell good 2 have a conversation with her. .. U know i always respect the girls...... READ COMMENT

Hey dolphine where r u?? Why didnt u give me my answer?! READ COMMENT