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Is Using Counterfeit Restylane on a Patient Legal?

I'm confused, because Mesotherapy is not FDA approved but it is legal to use in Florida. So is using a "generic" Restylane legal because the ingredients are supposedly the same... READ MORE

Waiting Period Between Chemical Peel and Restylane?

How long do you have to wait in between having chemical peel and Restylane or vice versa? READ MORE

How Much Hyaluronidase is Needed to Dissolve Restylane?

For every cc of Restylane, how much hyaluronidase is needed to dissolve it? I think I had 4cc of Restylane. READ MORE

Does Hyaluronidase Always Work in Dissolving Restylane?

Are there any times why Hyaluronidase will not work to dissolve Restylane? READ MORE

How to Fix Severely Creased Lower Eyelids Due to Allergy to Fillers?

I had an extreme allergic reaction to a filler injected into my cheeks. (My practitioner didn't tell me he was using a counterfeit product). I ended up with a painfully... READ MORE

Skin Care Before and After Facial Plastic Surgery

I have just started obagi nuderm. I am planning to get a revision rhinoplasty and full face fat grafting. Obviously I would like to limit my time off Obagi in order to get the... READ MORE