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How to Get my Skin Texture Back After Deep Dermabrasion and Remove Hypopigmentation?

I had dermabrasion done 3years back for deep acne scarring on my cheeks. the doc went a little too deep and ruined the texture of my skin. i now have two huge discolored... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser for Hypopigmentation Due to Dermabrasion on Asian Skin?

Hi i got dermabrasion done, and it has left me with hypo pigmentation, also i have enlarged pores now. can fraxel laser help to restore pigment? i have Asian skin.. if not... READ MORE

Facial Skin Thinning Due to Steroid. Skin Restoration Options?

If you experience steroid atrophy on facial skin, is it reversible? i mean can retin - A completely restore your skin?(eliminate wrinkles and sagging skin due to thin skin) or... READ MORE

Betnovate Induced Atrophy on Facial Skin?

Used betnovate in combination with skin lightening creams for 2-3 months. now i have steroid induced atrophy i suppose? i had enlarged pores, thin and dry with lots of wrinkles... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore Dual for Acne Scars and Atrophied Skin (Asian Skin)?

Hi, i have acne scars and atrophied skin (steroid use to bleach the skin lighter). i was considering fraxel restore dual, what i want to know is that whether i should go for... READ MORE

Scar Tissue VS Normal Skin?

I'm told that the renewed skin resulting from resurfacing procedures is actually scar tissue. If scar tissue is generally drier than normal skin does that mean the resulting... READ MORE

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I did go to a dermatologist. Seeing i still have acne scars , he recommended laser treatments for my scars and left my skin texture problem for later consideration... those 3 sitting really didnt help me as before dermabrasion i tried... READ COMMENT

Hi , i have asian skin, got dermabrasion done for deep scaring. the doc went a little to deep and ruined my skin. now i have two huge discoloured patches on my cheeks with fine demarcations. also the texture of my skin has been ruined... READ COMMENT