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47, 2 Kids, 188 Lbs, Fixing Bad Liposuction Results from "Bodytite" in 2010. Vancouver, BC

Well.... here we go again... I had bodytite and ba with a benelli lift in 2010 and the lipo, well, you can see in the pics, it was an unmitigated disaster. So, 6 years later, I'm finally taking the plunge and doing what I should have done in the first place and that is get a straight up tummy tuck. First though I had to get some fat transferred into my belly prior to this procedure as the... READ MORE

BodyTite - 2 Years After - Vancouver, BC

After two pregnancies and 100lb plus weight gain with each one, and after countless hours of dieting and working out I decided to try lipo, I did a ton of research and came up with Bodytite as a possible solution, in retrospect I should have gone with a full tummy tuck, or a surgeon who specializes in lipo - I believe the lipo was too aggressive, and not sure how much the bodytite part... READ MORE

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How to Fix a Tara Reid Tummy With Lumps and Wrinkles From BodyTite Lipo? (photo)

I had bodytite lipo in June of 2010, I have a lump and a wrinkle at the top of my abdomen (see pic) kinda like Tara Reid I am wondering how to get this fixed? What happened... READ MORE

Is There Anything Else I Can Research Before I Go to See a Surgeon? (photo)

I am thinking I am going to need a full tummy tuck, and an inner thigh lift to correct, is there anything else that can be done that I can research before I go see a qualified... READ MORE

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Dr. Ross Horton, a qualified, certified, plastic surgeon who in fact did my mom's bleph 20 years prior. READ COMMENT

Hi there, I have my old before photos kicking around somewhere I could post, I will work on that, that would probably be helpful. I did get a full tummy tuck in March of 2016 performed by Dr. Peter Lennox (Canada), I am extremely... READ COMMENT

Hi there... I think it was both, I was a bad candidate and the surgeon using the tool. I had two pregnancies, I gained and lost 100 lbs twice so my skin was already stretched out, but you can see in the before pics, he took too much... READ COMMENT

I've updated my pics, the scar isn't thinner it's just longer, I had a thin scar to begin with but there was a weird wrinkle at the top from a previous belly button piercing, so he just cut that out and made the scar a bit longer, which... READ COMMENT

Yes he did, it is a bit longer now. I'm experiencing swell hell again gah!! Waiting for that to settle and I'll get an updated pic. READ COMMENT