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Radiesse Injections with Uneven Results

I had Radiesse injections 5 weeks ago. The left side of my face developed a large hematoma & had major bruising along with swelling. The right side now looks deformed as even though the swelling has somewhat subsided on the left side, the cheeks do not look even remotely like they belong on the same face. I am reluctant to have more Radiesse injected & cannot wait for the product to... READ MORE

Questions from JSR

Lopsided Face from Radiesse on Cheeks

I had Radiesse injections on 2/17/09. Immediately upon injection of Radiesse on my left cheek, I felt it explode and saw in my doctor's face that she was truly shaken... READ MORE

Hematoma After Radiesse Injection?

I had Radiesse treatment a week ago. During the course of injections, when the doctor got to left cheek, I felt my cheek blow up like a balloon and she made the comment that... READ MORE

Cyst-like Lumps After Radiesse

I recently had Radiesse injections a month ago. I developed hematoma under my left eye, bruising and swelling under the left eye. While I have received some reassuring answers... READ MORE

Correcting Radiesse Underfill?

I recently had Radiesse injections in my cheeks. Now, three weeks later, it appears that the right cheek is indented and not quite as full as the left cheek. I will not go back... READ MORE

Uneven Results After Radiesse?

I believe that the left side of my face after having Radiesse injections a month ago is still bruised & slightly swollen. But it is hard to tell if it's the product or... READ MORE

Should Fix Slightly Uneven Cheeks Due to Radiesse?

I had Radiesse injections 5 weeks ago. The left cheek looks great (now) after severe bruising & swelling but the right cheek drops off at the cheek bone & is not quite... READ MORE

Is It Possible for Radiesse to Change Daily?

I had Radiesse injections 5 weeks ago & in the morning, it looks okay but as the day progresses it appears to change, swell or have odd contours/lines. I am going in for a... READ MORE

Which is a Better Filler to Use to Fill in Cheeks Contours?

...that have been filled with Radiesse, Juvederm Ultra Plus or Restylane? I am looking at minor fixes to fill indentations where Radiesse did not fill & know that Restylane... READ MORE

How Long Before You See the Results of Juvederm Ultra Plus?

I had Radiesse injections seven weeks ago for my cheeks & a week ago, I opted to use Juvederm Ultra plus to plump up a couple of indentations that were missed by the... READ MORE

Distinguishing Filler from Swelling?

How can you tell the difference between swelling or product after Juvederm Ultra Plus injections? I had Juvederm injections 1 week ago. The area where I had majority of the... READ MORE

Dissolving Juvederm

If you only want to dissolve a small area of Juvederm and you inject only on that area, will all the Juvederm that was injected in other areas dissolve too or just the area... READ MORE

How Long Would Radiesse and Juvederm Last?

As Radiesse & Juvederm Ultra Plus dissipate on your system, is the process immediate or gradual? Will I end up looking even older than I do now? I am hoping that the... READ MORE

Recent comments from JSR

Amy, I, too, suffered for weeks after Radisse injections with a face that looked like something out of a scary movie. I did finally go to see another doctor & had Juvederm Ultra Plus injected to fill a divit in one cheek & a bit put... READ COMMENT

I hope that you are staying positive. I can't believe that there are not stricter regulations on who is qualified to do injections. I hope that the doctors out there who keep making mistakes with their injections lose their ability to... READ COMMENT

Thanks. I appreciate that you understand. I am going in for the consult with the other facility as I wouldn't trust the original doctor to even just look at the results....I try to be positive each day but find myself not going out in... READ COMMENT

I, too, have a indentation on my left temple & a slight one on my right temple. How did your doctor correct this? I have an appointment tomorrow with someone who has done my Botox injections in the past but had moved to another location... READ COMMENT

Vicky, I, too, just recently had Radiesse injections & have developed a lump on the left side of my nose. I had extreme swelling & bruising on my left side so am not sure if this is product that didn't make it into the right place. I... READ COMMENT