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Try Emu Oil it works really well! I used the Bio Oil as well too its also good but I noticed with the Emu oil my scars are healing perfectly. READ COMMENT

My belly button looks like the end of a orange now, the shape is good but it does seem like it has some extra skin inside of it now. But for the results of my tummy tuck I will take that any day. READ COMMENT

You have to decide that for yourself, if you are mentally and physically ready for it then go for it but just make sure you are you doing it for you! What is making you not so sure? READ COMMENT

In reading most peoples blogs it seems as though alot of people opt to keep the corset on for quite some time and then others not alot of time. Would like to get different peoples opinions as to why some do and some do not? Also any... READ COMMENT

I think you look fantastic its been 6 days and I can't wait too see what my results are like I have not taken off my corset yet I go on Monday to get drain off so Im really excited! READ COMMENT