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I am the same size as you and mine are inherited as well. Did your doc say how long the actual surgery will last? READ COMMENT

I just read your story and saw your pics and the comments, what a great thing i found today! i am a 38 F and would love to be a C! I lost 40 lbs over the last year but not one ounce from the boobs! couldnt believe it. Everyone said, oh... READ COMMENT

Do you mind telling what size you started and what you went to? i am F now, but my body frame is smaller READ COMMENT

Thank you so much. my doc wants me to come for physical therapy 3 times per week, didnt say how many, but its $20 per visit. I just want to make sure thats the right thing to do. READ COMMENT

I just had my 2nd adjustment last night at the Chiropracter. He said i didnt have any disc or neck issues from the xray and the "dents" in my shoulders were "normal". I am just not sure whether to continue the adjustments for the back... READ COMMENT