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They could possibly be too big. Happened to a friend of mine who then went to my plastic surgeon who confirmed that her implants were too large. Exchanged for smaller ones and she is good to go! Don't worry about offending your... READ COMMENT

Dear all - really wanted to share a great bra with all - Coobie bra. They have a great website but I couldn't paste it here. If anyone has any trucal lymphadema issues this will count as a compression bra for insurance purposes and... READ COMMENT

I know that our PSs do surgery for a living but they need to be reminded that we do not! They are so cavalier with their "I can fix that" without realizing that for folks like me who have a complication every time a scalpel... READ COMMENT

Stella - I too experienced exactly what you are talking about on my left side (radiated side) and suffered for a year with horrible pain. Get a good PS who is an experienced in DIEP surgery and see if you are a candidate. Where do you... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the post - I think this happens more than we are told. I was healing nicely until a cave developed and then started splitting side to side smack in the middle. Yes - I am still in the throes of a Wound V.A.C.- a pain in the... READ COMMENT