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Questions from PLM11

Why Would Feelings of Numbness After Mini-facelift Be Variable from Day-to-day?

I had a mini-lower lift 5 months ago. I still have some numbness just in front of both ears and intermittent tightness along the jaw and neck. The degree of numbness seems to... READ MORE

Does Anyone Know Who Offers Ultrasound for Facelift Tightness in Atlanta or Anywhere in Southeast US?

Some of the doctors on this site recommend ultrasound for tightness.I have quite a lot of uncomfortable tightness around ears and upper neck 5 months after facelift. My ps is... READ MORE

Can There Be Internal Swelling After Mini-lift with NO External Signs of Swelling?

Had a mini-lift 5 months ago. Usually for about 12 hours per day (8pm to 8am) I feel nearly normal but then very uncomfortable feelings of tightness and pulling around ears and... READ MORE

Are Pulling & Tightness Around Ears After Facelift Always Indicative of Nerve Damage?

Or can these sensations be caused by scar tissue formation or some other cause? I'm at 5 months after facelift and although these very uncomfortable sensations are reducing in... READ MORE

Are There Any Medications/homeopathic Remedies That Reduce Uncomfortable Paresthesias/dysethesias After Facelift?

5 months after facelift I am troubled much of the time by a tugging, tight sensation around both ears. I recently started having regular massages from a certified neuromuscular... READ MORE

5 Months After Facelift, What Could Cause Numb Feeling to Come & Go?

Sometimes I could swear the area of numbness in front of both ears is completely gone; at other times it feels numb again. What could cause this variability in sensation? Also... READ MORE

5 Months After Lower Facelift & Platysmaplasty Do These Symptoms Sound Like Greater Auricular Nerve Damage?

1.Right side of neck & ear occasionally feel much tighter & “tingly” than left side 2.Right ear occasionally feels plugged (ENT says ear is OK) 3.Still slightly num... READ MORE

5 Months After Mini-lower Lift, Question on Ear Numbness?

In the small area around both ears that had been numb post-op, external sensation now feels pretty normal (i.e., touch, heat/cold, wet/dry, sharp/smooth, etc.) However, there... READ MORE

5 Months After Facelift I Need a Muscle Relaxer I Can Take During the Day. Any Suggestions?

I have a lot of discomfort during the day caused by tight facial, neck & jaw muscles. My ps recommended massage but it doesn't provide much consistent relief. I can't take... READ MORE

Is Serapin Effective As a Natural Alternative to Cortisone?

Does anyone use serapin as a safer, natural alternative to cortisone? I understand it is approved by the FDA and is used to reduce inflammation and nerve related pain. It's... READ MORE

How to Mitigate the Risks of Non-cosmetic Use of Botox?

I'm considering Botox for neck muscle spasms. My neurologist is a leading authority on the non-cosmetic use of Botox. I'm apprehensive, though, because I know Botox has very... READ MORE

Does Greater Auricular Nerve Damage ALWAYS Cause Ear Numbness?

I had a mini lower FL & platysmaplasty 13 months ago (not a Lifestyle Lift - experienced board cert. ps) For the first 9 months I had extreme pain, pulling & tightness... READ MORE

Can Breast Reduction and a Tummy Tuck Be Performed in a Single Operation?

What are the risks associated with each? I am a very healthy 61 year old. Is that "too old" for these procedures? Thanks for you opinion. READ MORE

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Does anyone have a POSITIVE experience from non-cosmetic use of Botox?

I've read so many horror stories on this site and others about Botox -- I'd like to know if anyone ever had a good result from Botox for non-cosmetic reasons? Please no more... READ MORE

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I had just a lower facelift & neck lift -- at 60 the upper portion of my face was not showing too many signs of aging. I look fine now, about 7-10 years younger. READ COMMENT

Yeah, I look OK but NO WAY it was worth it. Glad your surgery turned out well. READ COMMENT

So sorry to hear about your pain. Has it been improving any? I was in horrible discomfort for about 16 months after a mini-lift & then it very gradually began to improve. I'm at 18 months now and still a little uncomfortable but nothing... READ COMMENT

It may be unnerving for your coworkers since you no longer look anything like your former self (which, BTW, was very pretty.) If you're happy with the results that's all that counts. READ COMMENT

Cacs47, 10 weeks is VERY early. It will get better in time ( a WHOLE lot of time) I'm at 1.5 YEARS & I'm still uncomfortable every single day & I only had a mini-lift under local anesthesia. I don't think that's typical, but it's not... READ COMMENT