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Can Botox Cause Water Retention Under Eyes?

I had Botox on my crow's feet (and between my brows) and after about a week, I got a puffy, watery bag under one eye. It looks like I was punched in the eye (without the... READ MORE

Does IPL Remove Redness Instantly or over Time?

When you have IPL will you see an instant improvement in redness (capillaries and general overall redness) immediately after the procedure is finished or do you get additional... READ MORE

Botox in forehead - How do some women (like all the stars) avoid droopy brows, odd look and frozen forehead?

I had Botox 10 years ago in my forehead and hated it. My arched brows fell and I looked like the worst "after" picture you can imagine. Now I have settled with just some... READ MORE