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How Can I Flatten my Dermal Skin Grafts on my Acne Scars?

My surgeon made my dermal grafts(skin behind my ear) to big on my face and I just had laser resurfacing with dermabrasion and the grafts still remains there. What can I do to... READ MORE

What Should I Do About These Linear Dented Scars from Excision? (photo)

Hello, I had dermal grafts planted onto my acne scars, but my surgeon made it to big and oversize. So, I had to go to another doctor to get it excised. It seems like he didn't... READ MORE

What Can I Do About my Surgical Scars?

Hello, just recently went for a scar revision with excision. It looks worst than before. Its basically red, indented, and, lumpy. What can I do about this? Its been 2 months.... READ MORE

Can You Take Accutane Months After Laser and Surgical Procedures?

Had dermabrasion last September for acne scars. Worst idea ever , and had surgical excision to remove skin grafts in November. Skin is still red/pink on parts of the face from... READ MORE

Red Face Post Co2 Laser Resurfacing?

I had dermabrasion on a couple of spots to try to flatten out a skin graft on my face. A month later the doctor did a co2 laser resurfacing onto the spot because the grafts... READ MORE

Scar revision spread apart, why?

I had a scar revision on my cheek that widen even with a 2 layered sutures (One deep absorbable sutures and another on the surface. My doctor sutured it everted so it looked... READ MORE

Scar revision on temple?

I have indented scars, bad texture all over my left temple from acne. I did co2 lasers many times and subcision with no effect on the scars or texture. I went to a surgeon, and... READ MORE

Best suture technique for scar revision on face?

I know layered suture is the best, one in the dermal, and one on the surface. But my doctor everted the surface suture where it looked like a caterpillar. Do you think that was... READ MORE

Laser resurfacing after excision of scars?

My excision on my face scars didnt turn out nice. I'm 3 months and a half out post procedure, and the scars is still really red and one of the scars widen. My doctor... READ MORE