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QUESTION: Is there anyone here that's been keloid free for over 3 months after this procedure?????????? READ COMMENT

Ok, its been about 6 weeks since my keloid fell off and healed and YES its normal. its just dead skin and what ever you do, DO NOT pull it or cut it off, itll peel away naturally after you keep cleaning it with peroxide. you do not want... READ COMMENT

Wow! That has to suck. Its a good thing you tied it back up. You'll be fine if you tied it right and cleaned it. No pain, no game... READ COMMENT

The gland your taking about is your Lymph Node. It should ne just bnelow your jaw, correct? Usually those glands swell up because their trying to fighy off an infection, it could be something viral or even your ear. I think mine kinda... READ COMMENT

Tea tree oil READ COMMENT