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Butt Impants in Tijuana- Day 6 and Recovering - Tijuana, Mexico

Hello all! This is only my 2nd review so I hope I'm doing this right. I should have started it earlier in the process, but at least I'm doing it now. I've been wanting to get butt implants for many, many years. I've always been small but managed to gain almost 20 pounds a few years ago so that I could have it sucked out and put into my lateral gluteal depressions. I didn't have enough for a... READ MORE

Refreshed New Look

I had fine lines and freckles that I didn't like, and I was going to be recovering from another procedure so my doctor suggested Affirm. I was apprehensive because I'd never done a laser before, but the results were really great. I noticed that the results aren't permanent, though, so repeating it every few years seems like a good idea. READ MORE

Questions from waverunner25

Would I benefit more from a Brazilian Butt Lift or small implants to fill in lateral gluteal depressions? (photo)

What would be better suited for my concern- BBL or small butt implants?I gained 25 lbs(making me 130 lbs) to have a fat transfer to fill in the dents. It's been 3 years, and... READ MORE

Is 25 cc enough to make a difference in size in a breast augmentation? How do I approach my surgeon with my concerns about size?

I had BA today(switched implants for bigger size bc they lost volume w/age)and to correct capsulure contracture and unevenness in size from 14yrs ago.I had an unkown size since... READ MORE

Did I massage too hard after Capsulotomy (2nd one), or is this outer/underside of breast swelling (no bruising) normal? (photo)

I had my 10day post of from capsulotomy(2nd one I've had on left) and implant exchange(175cc saline to 300saline).I have been instructed to massage, and now I'm (possibly) more... READ MORE

Chance these implants will ever look more natural as the muscle stretches, or do these need to be removed? (Photo)

I had implants a month ago(200 cc intramuscular cohesive gel anatomic).They are Very visible all the way around. I am 111 Ib. Am I too thin too hide the outline?I was told I... READ MORE

Recent comments from waverunner25

Hi. Yes, I have pictures, but I prefer to not post them. if you want to private message me your email address, though, I can email them to you. READ COMMENT

The doctor said when he opened me up he realized my muscles were thin. I'm guessing they show because I don't have a lot of tissue to cover. It's better than it was, but I'm not very confident that it will improve much from here. READ COMMENT

Hi. my implants are very small- 200 cc and inside the muscle. They are anatomical shape and cohesive gel. READ COMMENT

It was a success both times...did it twice. The first time I gained extra weight to do it, and the doctor mainly just used it to fill in the dents on the sides of my butt and a little on the back side. I liked the way it looked. A ton... READ COMMENT