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Trying Biocorneum on Post Op Scars

I have heard good things about this product and wanted to try it on my post plastic surgery and other scars. I received this complementary product through the RealFriends program. I just started using it today, on my chin scar, behind the ears and hairline scars, plus an old keloid scar on my stomach where a dermatologist removed a freckle. We'll see how it goes! So, I gotta say that... READ MORE

52 Yr Old, Upper/Lower Bleph for a Refreshed Look! - Las Vegas, NV

I've noticed over the last year or so that I just can't get rid of the tired look, no matter how much makeup I use. I had to raise my eyebrows to see better, or to look like I wasn't angry. I also developed bags under my eyes, both from age and (I'm guessing) stress at different times in my life. After researching fillers, I decided that they were too expensive for a very short term result... READ MORE

Treatment Review

52 Yr Old Wants a Refreshed, Not Tired, Look! Lower Face/Neck Lift

Lower Face Lift

24 Feb 2017, Updated 15 days ago

I debated whether I should post this, but what the heck! I found a photo from eight months before surgery. What's amazing, is how heavy I look in the before. And I only weighed five pounds more than on the right. I remember people telling me I'd lose that double chin if I would lose weight. ... READ MORE

Trying Generic Latisse for Short Lashes

Going to try generic Latisse for my short lashes. I have read all of the side effects and reviews and will keep them in mind going forward. I'm 51, and as you can see by the photos, I may consider an upper blepharoplasty in the near future due to droopy eyelids. But having longer lashes would be nice! Makeup often bothers me, so not having to wear mascara would be great. This bottle did... READ MORE

Questions from suitsmefine

Which would you recommend; Fillers or plastic surgery? (photos)

51 years young! Concerns: marionette lines, jowls, lack of chin line/neck definition, eyelid extra skin and under eye hollows. READ MORE

Allergic reactions to HA fillers? (photos)

I've been reading that HA fillers rarely cause allergic reactions. I noticed however that when I try cosmetics that contain hyluronic acid, I get bumps under my skin. What... READ MORE

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I only use the gel drops once or twice a day as needed. Like Forty said, reading (or in my case computer work) needs more drops. My blephs did not cause dry eyes, so fortunately I haven't had to use more. READ COMMENT

Very pretty results! Are you still happy with your outcome? Thank you for posting pics!! READ COMMENT

Well don't you look just stunning! Your results are fantastic, especially the change in your neckline. It's nice to see a review from someone who found a great surgeon at a competitive price on the west side of the country. Congrats! READ COMMENT

Hi zn02, sorry to hear you're disappointed so far. I hope you continue to heal and get closer to the results you wanted. What has your surgeon told you? READ COMMENT

Coffeefan1, you are exactly right! No amount of dieting was going to make that loose skin reattach itself to underlying tissue! READ COMMENT